Friday, February 3, 2012

Shakin What My Momma Gave Me

It's no secret that fat is a big issue these days. From how much you eat of it, to how much you have on your body and where that body stores it, fat is never far from our minds. There is a ton of information out there on what to eat, what not to eat, and what is eating you. On top of that is the exercise factor, complicating everything.

So I am trying to figure it all out, and not making too much progress, well at least in the sense that I look the same as I ever did. But I keep reminding myself it isn't about how I look, it's how I feel. YEAH RIGHT! I wish I could honestly say it's all about the health but in reality, who doesn't want to look great too?

Given the ability to be this size and in perfect health would that be enough? Sadly, no, I am greedy I want the health AND I want to look great in a swimsuit. I know in my mind that size is no indicator of health, but in my heart, I see the number on the scale, or the measuring tape, or even the clothing label as badge of achievement. I want to be a high achiever but am I willing to do what it takes to get there?

This year I am taking the baby step approach to fitness. What I mean is, making little changes and working them into my life until they are habitual before moving on to the next change. In the past, I wouldbe trying to do it all, workout hard for an hour a day, eat salads and restrict my food. It never lasts. Soon into the program I would start looking at my friends, and they would resemble cheeseburgers. At least I got some exercise chasing them around!

So the baby step I am working on now is working activity I enjoy into my life. That means walking, dancing and if I can find my way into a warm pool, I will be a very happy girl. I am also eating more food that I actually enjoy. Now here is a point of frustration for me, I actually enjoy eating healthy foods. I don't enjoy fried greasy food, I don't crave fast foods. My down fall is carbs, and yes, I have a dessert fetish. So I am eating my healthy food, and enjoying it. Plus, I am learning about healthy desserts so I can have my cake and eat it too (so to speak).

Will it all work? Only time will tell, but I intend to give it my best shot. And if you should see me somewhere shakin' what my Momma gave me, don't call 911. Just jump in and join me because let's face it, babies don't learn to to step on their own. Baby steps are more fun with a friend, and I promise not to chase you around with a knife and fork in my hand.

Don't say I never told you.

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  1. I'm so happy to see you here! Just read your blog. I love it. :)