Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Color Me Red

I find them everywhere, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, they glare at me from social media, sign posts, you name it. I find them everywhere but in my own writing and THAT my friends, drives me crazy! I would be completely lost without spell check. But the problem I encounter so often is I will inadvertently spell a word I had not intended to write. Of course that word I spell correctly. Spell check cannot tell me, "hey knucklehead do you REALLY want to say that?"

Sometimes this has hilarious consequences.  Take my last post example, now before you quick look for the error, another writer friend pointed it out and it is now corrected.  In my case, I wanted to say "paint that as well" instead I said "paint that ass well." One little letter and a totally different meaning. Embarrassed? Yes, but I also found it funny.

I once had a proof reader spot on my college's newspaper. What a mistake! Yes I caught quite a few errors, but honestly I was down there because I had a thing for one of the guys who also worked on the paper. Let's just say my attention for detail was lacking a bit when he was around.

I remember a mistake that my boyfriend in college made. It was such a great blunder it made the list of best mistakes for that professor's class. The paper was a well written piece on George Washington. However, one little typo changed history. The final sentence read, "this is why George Washington will go down in the anal of history." Again one little letter makes such a big difference.

So I invite you to share with me some of the best (worst) mistakes you've made and didn't catch in your writing. How did you end up finding it?

Don't Say I Didn't Tell You.



  1. Hello Lisa.
    Love your writing. Very funny. I can see you smile when you write.
    The slice I posted yesterday had the same paragraph in it twice. I copied it and moved it around in the story, but forgot to cut it. Fixed now.

  2. Yesterday I spelled dryer (like I can't wait for my new dryer) DRIER all the way through my post. It wasn't until I received my first comment, with it spelled correctly that I realized my mistake. YIKES!

    Although not my own mistake, I think this is a funny one. I used to work for a golf course. An organizer of one of the leagues brought in an information sheet. At the top of the page, in big, bold letters, it said: League Information for Pubic Golf Course.

    Classic, right?