Monday, March 5, 2012

See Here

Today I had an eye doctor appointment. I was so excited because that meant I was getting new glasses! Whoopee! New glasses, new glasses, I get new glasses! Why am I so excited about this? I hate wearing glasses but I love changing my look. When I turned 40 I decided that life was too short to have boring glasses. That year I went with a whole new shape for me, kind of a granny rectangle but they were magenta with these little stripes. When I got home with them, my family stared in shock. I loved it.

Next time I got glasses I went with a similar shape by the same maker, but that time the colors were black and clear with a touch of silver. They were pretty cool but in my opinion a bit too tame to hold my interest. I am not one of those people that needs the validation of other people in order to be comfortable with what I am wearing, I certainly don't mind shaking thing up a bit. Lets just say I was having an off day when I picked them out.

This time around I went a bit nerdy. The frames are tortoise shell on the outside and Vera Bradley's "Happy Snails" on the inside. Now I am not a huge over the top Vera fan. But I have to say, having worked with the Vera Bradley products, the stuff grows on you. And come on, "Happy Snails?"  The name alone makes me happy.

So I am looking forward to getting the new glasses, but for me this is a bit like when you start a painting project. Do you know how the project starts with just painting a few walls? Then you notice that the trim looks a bit dingy so you paint that as well. But with the walls and trim painted the ceiling is really looking bad so that must be done. By the time you finish, you've gotten to the point where you are looking at carpet and checking out catalogs for furniture.

That is where I am, if I have new glasses then I am bound to get my hair cut. If I get my hair cut then maybe I should think about changing the color. And so it goes, I love reinventing myself, who knows where this will end? I may even start shopping for a tattoo!

By the time I get settled, it will be time for new glasses.

Don't Say I Didn't Tell You.



  1. What a fun post! I think change is fun, too. And I like how one change leads to another for you. Enjoy your new specs!

  2. Vicious cycle for some, but I think you relish the idea of reinvention. Does that mean you will have to change the photo?

  3. I never thought about having so much fun with glasses. Excellent description.

  4. Fun to read. Your personality really shines through. Looking forward to reading more slices from you!!

  5. I love the way you express yourself. You have a real talent with words. Keep on bloging I love to read what you have to say.